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Young Living essential oil stands out from other essential oil companies for two reasons. The first is SEED to SEAL. Young Living is committed to offering their members products of the highest integrity. From the seed that is put in the ground to the seal on the bottle, they are applying there stringent standards every step of the way.

Second is their sourcing. Their corporate farms, their partner farms, and their Seed to Seal certified suppliers have all been hand-selected because of their expertise in premium botanicals. Young Living has built relationships with these partner and certified supplier farms over decades. They follow the same rules and guidelines as Young Living applies to their own corporate farms. They sign legally binding agreements requiring that they live up to the Seed to Seal promise. Further, Young Living does stringent testing and ongoing audits to ensure the quality of their product for their customers. Today I’d like to highlight seven farms for you.

Whispering Springs Farm in Mona, Utah is a lavender farm that is located a short distance from Young Living global headquarters. This is the farm I had an opportunity to visit last year. At this farm, Young Living hosts a Lavender day festival, the annual Essential Oils and Animal Conference, and their Festival Draft Horse Show and Rodeo. I was fortunate enough to witness some of the draft horse competitions when I visited last year. How amazing to see these big horses pull in synchronization. It was truly a joy to watch. Oils that are grown at the farm in Mona include Lavender, Hyssop, Clary Sage, Peppermint, Goldenrod, Balsam Fir, Melissa, Roman Chamomile, Juniper, Blue Yarrow, Spearmint, and German Chamomile.

Also located in Utah, in the city of Tabiona, Is the Skywriter Wilderness Ranch. This is one of Young Living’s newest ranches; it is here that Young Living’s unique Einkorn grain grows.

Young Living also owns two farms in Idaho. The first is Highland Flat Tree Farm in Naples, Idaho. Oils from this farm include Idaho Blue Spruce, Idaho Balsam Fir, Idaho Ponderosa Pine, and Western Red Cedar. Also in Idaho is Saint Marie’s – the farm where everything started. It is here that Gary Young brought Lavender and Melissa seeds from France decades ago. Today, this farm grows 120 acres of organic Melissa. Besides Lavender and Melissa, this farm also produces Idaho Tansy.

Northern Lights Farm in Fort Nelson, British Columbia was purchased in 2014 after much research. It’s the main source for Black Spruce essential oil, which is found in many popular blends. The land is free from synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. In addition to the Northern Lights Black Spruce, this farm also produces Ledum, Yarrow, and White Spruce.

The Big Island of Hawaii is where Young Living partners with Kona Sandalwood Reforestation project to harvest dead or dying sandalwood to produce Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood oil.

Finally, a farm that is one of Gary Young’s passion projects. Finca Botanica Farm in Chingon (Guayaquil), Ecuador has 2000 acres of rich soil and harvests year round. Many oils are grown at this farm, including some favorites like Ylang Ylang, Lemongrass, Vetiver, and Ocotea. This is also where Young Living’s chocolate comes from.

To learn more about the other farms in the Young Living family, order a new 2017 Product Guide from your Virtual Office and read about them. You can also access the new product guide online at here.    Your virtual office will also give you much more information about Young Living‘s unique Seed to Seal process.

Young Living’s integrity and dedication to providing the purest, most therapeutic essential oils on the planet for every home in the world is what drew me to this company. I trust in their Seed to Seal process and know I am buying the highest quality essential oils I can to provide for my family. I invite you to be a part of Young Living’s mission, which is to honor its stewardship to champion nature’s living energy – essential oils – by fostering a community of healing and discovery while inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose, and abundance.